Sunday, October 05, 2008

1 BIG candle pls =)

yippee! Cousin Joel Tan turned 10! (well.. actually his bday's on the 8th of Oct la.. but since today's a Sun, we decided to throw a surprise party for him =) )

Cousin Milton doing the dangerous work... (cause Cousin DOT!!! had to do the hard work.. PUMPING balloons are like doin push ups man! for Dot that is :P)

Nick did the easy job la.. cause he claims his fingers are too big to tie the balloons -.-
so he HELPFULLY held on to the balloons while Ah Cheng Cheh Cheh (his mom) tied the balloons with string...

the proper tying of the balloons were done by Janice, Milton's gf :D
i always have this belief that... mother materials must be able to tie balloons, while father materials must be able to blow up FLOATS... those used for swimming!
so are YOU a mother/father material (based on Dot's Parenting Skills Yardstick :P)

hehe! i did some dangerous work too! i had to climb on a not-so-stable-looking stool to put those balloons there!

:D the Birthday pressie my bro and i got for Joel (ATBT! u havent paid me!!!)

see the not-so-stable-looking stool?
i had to use that a few times le... STRESS! :S

non of us cousins had so much work done for us on our 10th bday k!
cousin Milton even got those Happy Birthday flags!
Uncle Lawrence said it looks like HARI SUKAN now! hehe!

yea! and the Birthday boy came finally! :D
(if u noticed.. i had to change... cause i was sweating!!! -.-)

the cameraman *cough* nick *cough* aih...
actually not his fault la.. he just doesnt know Sony doesnt work well under bad lighting.. and he didnt know how to on the flash ><"

the Aunty Nancies with Joel!
Nancy Tan
Nancy Phang
how often do u have 2 individuals with the same name in a family? :D

Joel with the elderly :P

Joel with the YOUNGER generation! :D

presenting... HORNY Joel...
they are Milton's
so happened Joel wore yellow toO! talk about coincidence! :P

Joel: *thinks* ngek ngek ngek! maybe i shall buy myself horns with this ang pow!

can u believe it?
Nick, age 14 and Mel, age 13 calls Joel, age 10 UNCLE!

With daddy, Uncle Robert

ha! see... cam-whoring DOES run in our family! :P

oh oh! wat do u think... dont they look like SISTERS?
in brown's Janice, Milton's gf as mentioned before, the super keng cheh cheh that can tie balloons!

our family has soO many similarities la...
these are all the OCTOBER babies! :D
Cousin Evelyn (23rd), Aunt Nancy (1st), Joel (8th), Uncle Robert (15th)

hehe! after putting up... must take down la...
was kinda heartaching that i have to throw the balloons away... they still look so colorful and pretty!!!
so i kinda brought back some for the kids at home! :D

oh ya! bout the title... hehe! i went to collect the cake.. and the lady asked me.. how many candles?
hmm... i tot... it'll be nice to have 10 candles.. better lighting ma! :P

but then again... it's his 10th bday wo... his FIRST big candle...

so i said... 1 Big candle pls =)