Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Wish-ed

ha! this blog has been filled with the birthdays Dot has celebrated for her antiques and sweeties... WHAT HAPPENED TO HER OWN BIRTHDAY?

*teehee* i was waiting for my lazy fingers to snap pics of the prezzies that i've received (altho they arent that many... *HINT!!!* but yea.. still lazy :P) so i kinda decided to post these up 1st la... since i'm now in yet another lazy mood to do my assignments! :P

while i was in Kota Bahru... leaving perhentian *floods desktop with tears* Grace msged me and asked if we could meet up with Tay Jo and Daryl for dinner.. i didnt know what time i will be back in subang.. so i had to decline la... :(

BUT! nonetheless... my genius-ness! (it's the age la :P) i suggested we meet for yum-cha session la.. she and the rest agreed :D

i had a yummy-licious dinner that nite in Bandar Puteri, Puchong! i love i love "Ha Kou" it's those flat prawns.. dont know what they're called.. lalala :P but yes! they were soO gooOD!! and we had this pot of i-cant-remember-what-curry-was-it-again Curry! it was... to add-another-bowl-of-rice FOR! but i didnt la... the tastebuds were willing, but the stomach was weak (more like expanded beyond expension tho! :P)

so yes... got home only to remember that.. YA HOH! i'm still supposed to go out to meet Grace and gang! so went to shower (with a proper heater this time! Praise the Lord! :P) and dragged my tired body out of the house...

to find that...
MOST of my cellies actually turned up to celebrate my birthday with me!!! :D
from where the flash hit: Julian, Leeza, Jo.G (after a tired day of work), Jo.G's man- Gerard :P and Ah Pa!!-Daryl (long story where he got that from :P)

Viv was there too!
well.. i kinda knew she would be there cause she told me.. C u later! while we were texting b4 yum-cha session.. hehe!

Spot the siblings:

Leeza! u are becoming like ur BROTHER!!!
i will NOT let that happen!!! :P


that i believe is Grace's finger.. u'll see why...

looking at Max's camera-phone =)

Dot: whoa! the candles quite hot ar...
Grace: ya lo... it's melting the cake! so hurry up and blow it!

Jo.G looks so happy here! :D
hehe! i'm Happy ma! :P

Dot: ok ok.. before my cake gets torched...
*takes DEEP breath*
Dot: i Huff and i Pu...
Grace: WAIT!!! try blowing one candle off at a time...

ha! skill le? :P
1 more left.. easy le.. hehe!
Dot: err.. how to cut ar?
Grace: come.. let me GUIDE u... (hence the FINGER!!!)

altho this is like a TEENY-WEE-BIT outdated...
thanks for celebrating me Birthday with me!

more Birthday pics coming up! :D