Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Wish-ed for Prezzies!

*teehee* who wouldn't? :P
this is a T-shirt in a can
Rita got it for me cause the face on the shirt made her think of me! *lalala*
one day i'll show u what Rita meant when she said that la k! :P

a necklace from sweetie Sab! =)

aih... this isnt exactly a birthday gift for me la...
my previous hp died due to the LACK OF SLEEP! aih... i dropped it from a pretty high spot.. say... from above my head? AIH!!!

so i got this 2nd hand hand phone from my dad... which is pretty new la.. BUT I WANT A CLAMSHELL PHONE!!! *sobs*
will put that on hold til i start working *sobs* cause knowing the clumsiness i'm capable of... like dipping my phone into curry... LALALA!
ya.. a clamshell phone mite not last long enuf for a school kid to write an essay entitled... "I was a Clam-Shell Phone" in NOT LESS THAN 300 WORDS. AIH!!!
so yes.. i cant afford to get myself a new phone each time i clumsily spoil it while i'm still studying can i? (to those of u that secretly admire my long fingers for i-have-no-idea-what reason... be thankful for wat u have k! :P)

i got a blanket too from my aunt.. it's quite comfy, not too warm, just nice to keep me warm on rainy days =) which means every day in the current month la.. *teehee*

will take a pic of it soon! :D