Monday, October 20, 2008

A Dorothy

Date: 19 Oct 2008
Time: 7am
Location: field opposite Amcorp Mall

it's MADNESS i tell u!!! waking up at 5.40 am just to go for a walkathon... yes.. by now most of u should be like... DOT? WALKATHON? teehee! i went there to take pics only la..

but this time... NOT for my dear readers la.. i've yet to decide to bring my blogging so far :P
it was an assignment for me photography class...

the Walkathon was organized by the Malaysia Mental Health Association (MMHA) i think :P
these pics are all taken after the walk.. cause didnt want to waste battery :P
will only post up pics that i deem nice after my semester ends :D

from left: Joy, Sab, Dot, Chem

from left: Crystal, Shiang Leit, Janet, Joseph, Chem
i wanted to take the "superstar" Foo Joe... but Joseph just had to come ruin the pic la.. so OH WELL!

the walkathon was to bring awareness to the public that mental health patients should be respected as individuals too!
so dear readers, i know it can be hard... but do try to change ur mindset towads them, cause just as much as a cancer patient needs care and support, so does a mental health patient!

oh yes! what's the post gotta do with the title u may ask...
well.. after the walkathon... i had to go back to church and attend the Spiritual Parenting class til 7.35 PM!!!

the 2 hours after lunch was HORRIBLE!!! i could hardly open my eyes! but then we had a break and we changed speaker.. so it got better :P
things were still fine after the 2nd break... and when the speaker reverted to the 1st pastor... BUT!!!

by 7pm... my mind was playing games with me... the speaker kept talking about AUTHORITY...

so peeps... try saying A DOROTHY like twice per second when u are nodding away... and u'll get what i mean...