Sunday, November 08, 2009


just by reading the title... u know this post aint about Dot la.. heh! (i like buying nice things... but i dont quite keep myself updated with fashion la :P)

anyways! So who's this post about??? GUESS!

c'mon... do u REALLY need a hint?


As some of you mite know, it's Fashion Week here in M'sia!! (well.. for those of u that dont know.. it's ok! cause i wouldnt have known if my dearie cellie was not involved XD)

Julian was chosen (with a few other coll mates) to represent his College (IFTC) to show case some work of the future-IT designers at the MiFA Fashion Week, held in Pavilion.

so we cellies went to support him =)

honestly... we were kinda lost when the emcee asked the audience who was there to support who... so we just sat there and watched the work of other designers take the Walk.

THEN!!! *Mariah Carey sings Obsessed*

and we knew it's our boy's moment!!!

Dear Julian,
if i havent said this...
I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you!!!!
ur couture dress beat all the other reps FLAT! ;)
keep up the GREAT work ya!

ooh btw, this is my FIRST Fashion Week experience and i wouldnt mind going for MORE :D

Friday, November 06, 2009


my trusty HP printer finally succumbed to old age 2 weeks ago... (when i had to print my assignment!!! thanks Yue for helping me out then :D)

so we decided to get a new 1 =)
kor say Canon is better than HP
but in my opinion.. it's SLOWER!!! ROAR!

well.. maybe it's cause...

this printer has 3 functions!!!
besides printing, it can copy and scan too! how cool is that? (excuse my jakun-ness... but this IS new to the Dot :P)

on top of all the coolness of this new gadget...
DOT INSTALLED and SETUP-ed THE PRINTER ALL BY HERSELF!!! (you've REALLY gotta give me some credit... cause it's DOT we're talking about here! heh! :D)

On another end, my phone bill has been peaking due to the increase of non-Maxis-user friends that i have...
positive point to note: i have MORE frens XD
negative point... it's increased my bill by 50% :(
so after some consideration, i decided... since u cant beat em'
i'm half a DiGi user now... my loyalty still goes to Maxis cause it took me SO MANY tries just to add Friends on that Family and Friends thingy! pfft!
but now that i have a DiGi number, i THINK i am saving a lot la... we'll see when this month's bill comes *fingers crossed* XP