Sunday, November 08, 2009


just by reading the title... u know this post aint about Dot la.. heh! (i like buying nice things... but i dont quite keep myself updated with fashion la :P)

anyways! So who's this post about??? GUESS!

c'mon... do u REALLY need a hint?


As some of you mite know, it's Fashion Week here in M'sia!! (well.. for those of u that dont know.. it's ok! cause i wouldnt have known if my dearie cellie was not involved XD)

Julian was chosen (with a few other coll mates) to represent his College (IFTC) to show case some work of the future-IT designers at the MiFA Fashion Week, held in Pavilion.

so we cellies went to support him =)

honestly... we were kinda lost when the emcee asked the audience who was there to support who... so we just sat there and watched the work of other designers take the Walk.

THEN!!! *Mariah Carey sings Obsessed*

and we knew it's our boy's moment!!!

Dear Julian,
if i havent said this...
I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you!!!!
ur couture dress beat all the other reps FLAT! ;)
keep up the GREAT work ya!

ooh btw, this is my FIRST Fashion Week experience and i wouldnt mind going for MORE :D

Friday, November 06, 2009


my trusty HP printer finally succumbed to old age 2 weeks ago... (when i had to print my assignment!!! thanks Yue for helping me out then :D)

so we decided to get a new 1 =)
kor say Canon is better than HP
but in my opinion.. it's SLOWER!!! ROAR!

well.. maybe it's cause...

this printer has 3 functions!!!
besides printing, it can copy and scan too! how cool is that? (excuse my jakun-ness... but this IS new to the Dot :P)

on top of all the coolness of this new gadget...
DOT INSTALLED and SETUP-ed THE PRINTER ALL BY HERSELF!!! (you've REALLY gotta give me some credit... cause it's DOT we're talking about here! heh! :D)

On another end, my phone bill has been peaking due to the increase of non-Maxis-user friends that i have...
positive point to note: i have MORE frens XD
negative point... it's increased my bill by 50% :(
so after some consideration, i decided... since u cant beat em'
i'm half a DiGi user now... my loyalty still goes to Maxis cause it took me SO MANY tries just to add Friends on that Family and Friends thingy! pfft!
but now that i have a DiGi number, i THINK i am saving a lot la... we'll see when this month's bill comes *fingers crossed* XP

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cloudy Chance of Meatballs

nope! we didnt watch the movie,
but i had a craving for meatballs and i managed to talked my brother into driving to Ikea for some MEATBALLS!! :D

and i thot it'd be nice to bring my niece, Mel and my nephew, Nick along cause it's a Friday and school ends early for them...
and so we did! :D

ok.. no pics of meatballs were taken cause we were too busy digging in.. *LALALA*

i realize i'm not putting SoneeT into good use.. (NOT GOOD) will take it out for use more often :D

it was nice spending time with all of them! (i have to include my bro la.. if not next time he wont fetch me d :p )

THAT'S WHY I'VE GOTTA DRIVE! ROAR! am working on it!

dear God,
Can u PLEASE fix that glitch in me that's causing my failure to drive? (seriously... who forgets to put the hand-break down!?)

*motivation 101* such outings can be frequented if i can drive!!!

will go play with dad's car again tmr *fingers crossed*

Sunday, October 18, 2009

when words cant begin to describe my anger!

so i here i was, nicely doing my assignment... and watching Glee at times to keep myself awake (until my 72 mins ran out -.-) then THIS happened!

Embarrassing?? you CRASHED ON ME and tell me it's EMBARRASSING?


Monday, September 21, 2009


while uploading the pics.. i realized one thing... I DIDNT HAVE A PIC WITH THE TWO OF YOU!!! *drops head in dismay*

these 2 priceless antiques were flown.. but doesnt sound nice rite? so yea.. "shipped" to UK on the 5th of Sept (making them miss my bday! PFFT!)

anyways, here are the pics i took on that day =)
Carol with Puyuh n Car

it's amazing how some1 that small could carry such big bags, not to mention HEAVY! heh!

Puyuh and her family =)
Emo moments! but the uncle (puyuh's father) still managed to look into the cam le! way to go uncle! hehe!

Dear Carrere and Pui Yee,
ALL THE BEST in all ur undertakings over there!
take care and God bless ya!
my prayers will always be with you! =)
and pls dont cause any buildings to crumble :P

oh ya! and you all MUST come back and take picture with me!! I DONT CARE!!! hehe! MUAX!

Car and Puyuh's farewell Lunch

2 of my antiques were "shipped" abroad 3 weeks ago =(

so we had a farewell lunch for them in Sakae Sushi, Pavilion
(why so far? cause Liie was working near there :D)

Puyuh, one of the "shipped" antiques

Car, the other 1 =)
(she was tearing when this was taken.. hence! :P)

the other antiques are as follows =)

Carol and Em got "shipped" back from India and UK respectively :P

and that's ME! :P

hehe! Foo! i tried the mango thingy that u said is nice..
the verdict??

Liie on THIS side of the table

Liie on THAT side of the table :P

and u mite wonder...
y is Liie populating all the pics?
well.. even i dont know the answer! HAHA! it's cause she hardly gets to join us for outings cause she's working now.. (BIG GAL D!! hehe!)
so she really wanted to have pics with Em and Carol lo :D

Group pic!
kecanggihan k! when my E E gave me the camera, it came with a mini tripod! how cute is that?! so i set my cam at the table beside us and VOILA! hehe!

pics were not editted cause.. I MALAS LA! hehe! (so much to blog about, so little time! :P)

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Wished...

... and i received
can u guess can u guess what's this?? hehe!
my cellies must have known better that a pair of RayBan's just too much for me to handle.. cause my heart will break if i broke a pair of RayBans.. so they've decided to get me the Fossil shades i tried on and some other goodies, which would be bought with...

these Vouchers!! :D (now i've just gotta use them wisely :D)

well.. those things were sorta expected la.. cause Jo and Leez were the ones that asked me to update my wishlist..


this wasnt expected!! :D
Sandra told me the title was inspired by my blog!! :D how sweet is that?! :D :D
as i've told them, i cried when i read the messages they wrote for me, now this board is pasted on my wall (covering my Jerry Yen poster! :D)

On the other hand...
my sweeties... sighs...
all of them came for the party... and all they got me was

well.. if u cant read.. it says Charles & Keith la...
ya.. they got me a branded those what-ever-bags-u-call-them-that-are-also-sold-in-ikea...

i wished for Charles & Keith Voucher(s) and A Black Bag...
and my Sweeties got me

i'm absolutely LOVIN this bag, cause it's SEXAY!!!

i didnt give much specifics to the bag i wanted, cause i wasnt even sure if i wanted a bag... but now that i have it... YES! I LOVE THE BAG! :D

thanks Yue and Sab for taking the time to hunt for this for me!!! :D
and of course to my other sweeties, thanks for being willing to pay for this! :D

my other dearies from church gave me an uber cute card

Count the Dots! :D

They actually got 20 ppl to write messages for me and the 21st message was a prayer!!! *loves*
*messages inside are only for private viewing, hence no pictures were taken*
hah! no la! i took a pic of the card too! but i realized the writings were too small.. so no point putting it up here..
so this cute part of the picture will suffice :D

hehe! another thing i wished for...

:D what i didnt expect was... it came from 2 guys! haha!
i find it cute having guys buying make up for girls :D
Dear Nelson and Jeff, Thanks!!! :D

well... there were also things that i didnt wish for...

But i Equally Love!!! cause they smell so DELICIOUS!!!!
now i must break my tak-sampai-hati mentality and use it so i'll smell yummy too! Rawr! :P

Darling gave me a book that looks so fun to read! haha!
but thanks to my QUIZ! -.- i havent started reading it yet :( will read it during the raya break! :D

Isnt this pretty?? Instead of using a ribbon, Caleb and May hung this over the paper bag they gave me which contained 2 tops (i no know how to take macro shots of shirts.. teehee!) This is actually a long necklace, Love it! :D

Oh cousin Veronica couldnt make it for my party, so she came during the week to pass me a lil gift
it's so LOVELY!!! (this was my 1st thot)
my 2nd thot? "but i dont have a necklace to go with it..."

so i secretly wished at the back of my head... "i want a fine and simple necklace"

Then Amanda came with this! :D
i could keep the pendant and earrings for special occasions... but the necklace's just perfect! :D
Thanks Manda! :D

hehe! my antiques were the cutest! Being antiques... they actually gave me ANGPAUs!!! haha!
really, i would have wished for ca$h cause it's the most practical! but i didnt cause it seemed weird to ask for money! haha! (i still had a lil shame :P)
so thanks dears!! :D

Presents aside, Last nite was REALLY special for me and i cant Thank YOU enuf for being a part of it! :D


who said wishing aloud would break the magic of wishes? :P

Friday, August 28, 2009

21st Birthday Wishlist (editted and with Add-Ons)

IT'S SEPTEMBER ALREADY!!! and my list isnt looking like a list yet.. working on it NOW! :D
so far this is what i've come up with...

mid august:
currently i could only think of 1 attainable wish that i really want to see come true on my birthday (for that i count myself blessed =) ) this is what i wish for this September :D

violet gradient

grey fade

RayBan shades (the real 1 of course :P)
not that i'm brand conscious, but i only trust that these real ones have proper UV protection.
why RayBan then?
erm... cause i have a fake 1.. and i realized that this design pretty much suits me :D
so while i was randomly trying on shades on Sun, i came across this 1 that fit me oh-so-perfectly :D :D (shades hunting was never an easy thing for me cause apparently i have a small face)

found this at Opulence, Subang Parade
i'm quite sure this time this is the 1 i want! i got the CODE this time! :D
RAY 0321110048H (this code only applies in Opulence, Subang Parade. it's not the model number.. the sales gal wasnt as helpful as the other guy i talked to the other day *hmph*)
it's RM 606, with a 30% discount :D (i gave the wrong information the last time *shy*)
but the good news is.. it's STILL ON SALE!!! :D (they extended it until end of sept! seems like it's kinda meant to be doesnt it? :D)
making the price RM424.20 *gulps*

i'm pretty sure the 1 i liked the 1st time i tried it on is the violet gradient 1.. cause when i tried it again today, i tried the grey 1 and realized i didnt like so much.. hmm..

end of august:
i've been wanting to get a water housing for my camera. but i didnt put this up because i wasnt sure if SoneeT would be compatible with the reasonable priced marine pack... (some packs can go up to rm499!)

but waddaya know?? i flipped thru the accessories book that came with SoneeT and..
YES!!! this marine pack is compatible with SoneeT!
it protects the camera from rain, dust and snow (with this i can take pics on the beach with no fear!)
it is water resistant for up to 1.5 meters. (since i dont plan on diving anytime soon, 1.5m is an ok depth for snorkeling :D)
so the details!
Price: RM 199 (suggested price)
Location: Sony Centers (or maybe any camera shops)

i've asked the Sony Centers once, the sales guy said that i'll have to order this marine pack in advance because they dont keep stock; they will ship it in upon request. The duration is about 1 month.

this is something i really want to bring along for my next snorkeling trip (or whatever trip la :D)
so pretty please? :D

i was requested to add more stuff on my list. So here are the add-ons (in a yes-i-really-want-this-that's-why-i'm-putting-it-first order)

a more economically friendly pair of shades =)
Saw this is Fossil, Pavilion
Price: RM149
Product code: MS3785200
*would prefer it if it had a silver frame =)
i think this fit my face too.. cant really remember tho :S

Loreal's Bare Naturale Mineral Foundation
Shade- N1
Price- RM 60 ++
Available in all Sasa outlets

Charles & Keith Voucher(s)
as many as u want to give me! heh!

Forever 21 Vouchers(s)
cause i really love the accessories there! :D

A nice white clutch
dont have a specific one i want.. didnt have time to hunt for it :D

A new bag :D
spotted 1 in forever 21, Pavilion, but couldnt find the pic online tho..
product code- 1/20090619
color- brown (would prefer it if was BLACK)
price- RM109

i dont know what else i want... but i can tell u what i DONT want :D
1. ipod/mp3/mp4
cause i dont like sticking earphones into my ears.. they make me feel like my brains are being fried :S

2. body lotions
cause i hardly use them

hmm.. i think that's pretty much it but do come back as the days draw closer.. just in case i suddenly recall something i would really like :D

thanks heaps!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moments with SoneeT in Langkawi

happy happy! i was very happy when i knew i would be going to Langkawi with SoneeT. We planned to visit locations in which SoneeT would come in handy. Here are the shots i took :D

at the Underwater World
had 2 pics of the same fish cause i cant decide which is my fav :P

i like this 1 cause the color contrast of the fish with the blue background

and i like this cause it's clearer :P

Butter milk prawn anybody? :P

Same difference for these pics of these jellyfish..

i actually prefer this 1 but the jelly fish didnt want to come down :(

i have no idea what is this tho :P

this jellyfish is just so cute! it's very small! palm-size i guess
this would have been a very nice shot if it wasnt so noisy (the marine section was very dark so i had to increase my iso)

among all i've uploaded, this has to be one of my least favourite.. but then again, how often do u see pics of jellyfish? so live with it la k! :P

oh this is one of my favs! (altho i have no idea why the jellyfish's upside down... it didnt come right side up the whole time i was there waiting for it.. so i gave up waiting and took this instead :P)

mantis prawn! these things are EXPENSIVE! (to eat of course)
we had 4 of these in one of the chinese restaurants in Langkawi, and the bill for it came up to rm98!!! *faints*
but it was uber yummy! :D so altho it was crazy expensive, we decided it was worth it (just so we could sleep better at nite la :P)

somehow this picture reminds me of Faber Castle..

oh i likey this shot too!

and this too!
it was difficult to get a shot of the ray cause they're quite fast (and due to poor lighting)

there were bigger rays than this... but as u mite guess, the bigger they are, means the faster they are too lo! so yea.. couldnt get a pic of that :(

then i attempted to take shots of SHARKS! HAHA! how ambitious of me...

so i ended up taking pics of a stationary shark :P this 1 was just lying at the floor of the aquarium.

starry starry nite... :D

cant really tell the size of this prawn cause it was hidden under the rock
but judging from its... wat do u call those whiskers thingies? anyways.. judging from the length of those this prawn has.. i think it's quite big la :D

oh i love this 1!!!
i think it's a choral...

i like this 1 too! :D
the parrot opened 1 side of its wings... but i didnt get to capture that shot... then it didnt open its wings again :(

can u spot the animal in this pic? :D

a sitting duck

Fishie! oh this place had some ginormous fishies at the entrance!! but i couldnt capture any of them cause some how SoneeT was a bit slow (once again due to poor lighting and the speed of the fish) but they were crazy big! if 1 swam next to me... i'm VERY SURE i'll faint!

the other place we visited was the cable car ride to some mountain

we were supposed to be able to see the entire island from the top of the mountain... BUT! the clouds were too low

so this was the only pic that made the cut from that trip

will be telling my experience on that mount in the next post =)

earlier on our 2nd day there, we visited Eagle Square (or was it Lang Square?)
you can roughly guess what we saw there la..
did u guess correctly?

i took a few more shots of this eagle just in case we couldnt make it for our eagle feeding trip

sadly, i was right... this will be the only eagle pics u'll see from my Langkawi trip.. sighs...

we stayed at 2 different resorts; we spent our 1st nite in Langkasuka
it has a private beach that wasnt so nice la (but as mom said... "u cant compare with the beach in Redang..." but but but... :P)

from this pic forth, u'll be seeing many pics of the same beach with similar colored skies...

and this is the reason why... see the clouds and the rain at the other side of the island?

it looked beautiful from afar
(but things were different when the clouds drew nearer and brought the rain with it... i'll keep the whining for my next post la k :P)

my niece picked some seashells so i thot i should try out the macro function since i HAVE one now! :D
i like this pic =)
more macro shots of seashells =)

yet another one :D

ok.. if u havent noticed by now... let me tell u...
the pics u've seen were uploaded in a backward order. (meaning, the 1st pic u saw was taken from the last place i visited)
that's why it's all sunny and bright when this picture was taken!
oh how i wished...

i have no intention to create any conspiracy or whatsoever..
but somebody made this pyramid and i thot it'd make a nice shot (the dude so happened to be there)
so is it a nice shot? :D
(whatever u mite say, i like it anyways :P)

that's my niece Melanie! :D
she was in front of me cause i decided to hide under the hut and i saw that this mite make a nice shot :D i love it! she likes it toO! :D
oh how i wished...

oh how i wished the sun didnt go into hiding
oh how i wished the clouds didnt come rolling in
now i wouldnt mind the burns from the sun
oh i wouldnt mind the stickiness from the sweat
oh how i wished we had more fun!

the pic that marked the beginning of our journey
it was my first time sitting in a plane with such propellers (and once again i was by the wing -.-) so take only la! :P

unfortunately, due to the weather conditions, SoneeT could only come out indoors (i did use SoneeT outdoors but only when i really had to)
it's alrite! we have a whole future ahead of us! so cheers to SoneeT and Dot :D
where are the people u mite ask...
well they will appear in my next post la :D
that's all for now!