Friday, March 20, 2009

I will survive- Dot's Rendition :P

ahaks! this is what happens when u cross mou-liu-ness (just-to-free) moments with Dot! :P

i have a darling fren that loves this song... and i kinda promised her that i'll be making a video for her bday.. but i kinda put it behind me.. cause i didnt have suffiecient ideas yet...

BUT NOW... hehehe! (took me 5 continuous hours to complete this le! but i is HAPPEE!! :D)

aww man!! i lost that pouty picture of u!! :(

oh wells..

JOLYNN GOH ******!!!

this ones' for YOU!


hehe! this one goes out to those of you that are having tough times too! (altho the vid speaks of bears breaking up... but still!!)

may this cheer you up today and every other day!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ho Chiak (part 1)

After our mid terms, we headed down south to the land of History and FOOD! :D

went down in 2 cars cause there were 7 of us.

in Chem's car which was driven by Yung, there were 4 of us (Yue, Dot, Chem, and of course... Yung)

in Joseph's car was Sab, Leonard and Joseph.

we left KL after church, so by the time we reached there, our tummies were SCREAMING for food! :P

Lunch Time: we had porridge and fried wanton! ooh.. YUMMY!
but the porridge did leave us rather thirsty tho...

Yung had a plan that after each meal, we'd go for FRUITS! cause he doesnt want us to get constipated. HEH!

so we walked to the nearest fruit stall available. but i think that's the only fruit stall.. cause i didnt see anymore along our journey.

poor joseph didnt have a partner... so we gals decided to take a pic with him la.. altho he isnt smiling... but i bet he was THRILLED! :P

ah hah! so here are the couples! Leonard+Sab, Yung+Chem, and the sumbang couple... Yue+Dot*! (we kinda have an identity crisis... cause i have short hair, yet i'm the "girl" :P)

*well.. Nick couldnt make it.. that's y i'm his ganti la.. (adds more to the crisis doesnt it? :P)

oh well! but we're the sweetest couple la.. cause we didnt sa-fah-cheong :P

after eating, we checked into our hotel- the GRAND Continental... heh! sounds very GRAND hoh?

but at least they have a pool!
that's wat u think!
but dont they look happy here?

ever heard about not judging a book by its cover?

*gals thinking* do we really have to do this? the water tastes EEKY!

but i like this pic! :D

just in case u were wondering, i wasnt in the pool cause it slipped my ears that i was supposed to bring my swimming suit. well... good thing i didnt rite? if not where got pics?! :P

after everybody showered.. and i tried to steal a nap (cause i got headache :( ) we went to..
hehe! not very clear hoh the words... it's Jonker Walk :D

in less than 20 steps...

hehe! we saw this uncle selling carrot cake and pumpkin cake (the chinese ones)
we tried the pumpkin one.. and surprisingly, it was yummy! so we bought more :D
it's the 1st pitstop we made while we were jonker-walking la :P

Jo Lynn told me Jonker Gallery sells many nice long necklaces (something which i'm a sucker for *HINT* :P) the thing was... she didnt mention WHICH JONKER GALLERY it was!! cause there were at least 5 jonker galleries at Jonker Walk.. -.-

but finally we went in to 1 that looked like it.. didnt buy any necklaces tho.. cause i didnt spot any one that screamed my name :P
but we got this pic! :D
it would have been nice if it was clearer -.- but i still like it :D

as we came out, i saw this hole thru the wall...

hehe! dont know if it's for walking thru.. cause it's quite small.. it didnt seem comfortable to walk thru la.. but i just had to do it :P
this is me fav pic arrangement! :D
we had popiah for our 2nd makan pitstop :P

i like this pic toO! it looks like 3 crazy gals are posing for the camera.. and a passerby (Leonard) is just wondering wat's wrong with gals these days! teehee!

pitstop no.3! EM! this is the place where we had the Nyonya laksa last time.. but we didnt have laksa this time tho... cause we were SCHEDULED (by our tour director.. hehe.. cheh wah! Yung) for laksa the next morning.
so we had the cendol instead! sigh... the durian cendol was YUMMY!! and i LOVE the gula melaka!! YUM YUM YUM!!!

after dessert, more walking and MORE food! :P

pitstop #4! (i didnt even realise we made that many stops until now :P) we had Instant Dim Sum! hehe! not very nice tho.. it was quite hard.. but i shouldn't compare with those served in restaurants :P

the art of Multiplication... (guess wat's the similarity we share)

hint: first there were two... then there were 5! teehee! dont u love me Sab? :P
hehe! more couple shots :P

:D SCB returns so Malacca!

with an addition of course! hehe!

this Chem ar.. 1st she was so excited about taking a pic being in the hole on the wall.. (malacca ppl must have some fettish for holes.. 1st there was a hole thru the wall on the walkway... now there's this hole in the wall! :S anyways!) now that she got into the wall.. she looks upset.. hehe!

hehe! and that was the end of our day! =)

we didnt take much pics this time cause our goal was to eat AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! hehe! as seen in the title :P

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ho Chiak! (part 2)

couldnt help it (having 2 parts)... altho we didnt take that many pics (in comparison with the 1000s i took with my antiques) we still took quite a lot of pics despite it being a MAKAN trip la :P

SunDown :D
pretty aint it?
it's quite a wasted shot tho.. cause we could have went down the car to get a clearer pic... WHAT WERE U THINKING DOT?! (somehow my mind was telling me QUICK! got MANY cars waiting for us!! when there wasnt really ANY -.-)
oh well, this is the best shot la.. after quite a lot of editing :P

naturally after sundown.. ppl eat dinner la... so we did!
took the advice from Foo to combine my pics... it's pretty tempting to combine all my pics...
(had to do it with powerpoint tho! sad i know.. cause i'm 1 of those that's photoshop illiterate la.. :P)

but some pics just have to be given some EMPHASIS! :P

it also depends wat story the pic tells i guess :D

like random shots can be combined la.. :D

poser pics will be given a certain amount of priority ;)

Chem has a camera sensor somewhere in her head... she somehow knows when to turn and face the camera! guess it runs in the TAN blood :P

btw, we had Satay Celup =)

u've heard of supper after dinner... some ppl find that UNHEALTHY d...

heh! now i present to u... the meal that's AFTER dinner... yet BEFORE supper
what should we call it?

DinPer? SupNer?

hmm.. who thot of BrUnch ar? smart word!

anyways! coming back to our 4 and 1/2 meal of a "fiscal" day :P

guess the aunty heard that we had dinner already.. so she took awhile to prepare our meal...
hehe! while waiting for our food...
yes! the meal took THAT long to come :P

Yue: can finish ar all the food?
*view picture below for answer*
the lamb soup was Yummy-licious!! :D

heh! now we progress to SUPPER!
i think this pic is by far the best arranged one!
(Foo! arent u proud of me? :P)

oh yes! Supper was OoChien!! *scoops drool* :P
note: it was yummy cause there were LOTS of tasty eggs!
(yes.. we eat oochien cause of the eggs... and NO... we dont want plain fried eggs... it's DIFFERENT! :P)


in the morning, while brushing my teeth... i had the urge of drinking "Cham" from Old Town Kopitiam (cause we've been passing it VERY regularly thru out our stay.. which was only one nite in Malacca) but i didnt mention anything cause i was afraid of the...
"HELLO! we're in MALACCA!!! SIAO ar go OTK?!"

but Jesus Loves me!!!

on our way out for breakfast... nearing OTK...

Yung: Let's have coffee at OTK

Dot: *thinks* YAHOO!!! :D

this OTK is rather special, cause it's in a building that stands alone, aka a bungalow la..
they have 1 like that in PJ Old Town, but i've yet to visit it =)

This OTK is still special cause it's a collaboration between OTK and CIMB.
Dot's DOTTY thot: neither 1 can afford the rental of the whole bungalow :P

hehe! check out the eyebags! :P

my "Cham" and Joseph in the background

Yung, the ah-pek in the making :P

hehe! who knew morning faces could look this HAWT :P

some said the drawing on the drink is a defect Heart...
i say, it's a BUTTERFLY!
sometimes in life... u've just gotta be positive! look at things from different angles, and you'll be in for a surprise, a good one of course ;)

so that was coffee and tea...

lets get some REAL food shall we?

looks like they selll some western food rite?

but looks can be deceiving!

we or should i say I.. was quite jakun-fied that the entrance required us to walk up!
i dunno why.. but i still find it interesting that it's such a small place, yet they made a stairway for us to go up. and the whole place just looks cuter cause it's all bright yellow! :D

yum yum YUM!!!
bad idea to be posting this now.. cause i'm HUNGRY!!! *slurps*
(wanted the cam to focus on the sambal.. but it chose the eggs -.-)

Fruit Rojak!
(this one worse! it's BLUR!! pfft! no offence but i officially dislike canon point-and-shoots)

while we were enjoying all these, Leonard was not feeling well... cause was unknown tho..
that's why he's not here.

we left Malacca after breakfast cause it started raining, only to find ourselves in yet another eventful journey... but let us keep that in the city of history shall we? ;)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

So Unbelievable!!!

just when i thot.. "oh dear... what am i gonna blog about what happened at 4pm when we didnt take any pictures?" (no pics because we went KARAOKE!! and the room was dark.. malas to use flash la.. actually.. i was just malas -PERIOD- :P) then it HAPPENED!!!

have you ever had one of those moments where you are just SOOOOO tempted to curse to release ALL the tension you felt??

ok.. maybe some of you dont really care about cursing that u can make a sentence out of your Gen-Y vocab.. or maybe some of you might ask... "Curse? what's that? can eat 1 ar?"
so this leaves me on no-man's-land... i'm actually tempted to curse from time to time.. maybe cause to scream would attract lots of attention... but a soft S*** or F*** wouldnt be so loud and yet be able to remove the tension...

HOWEVER!!! lets get back to the story...

after karaoke, we couldnt go for dinner cause Foo Joe, my kind transporter (must give some credit la.. if not next time he dont wanna fetch me :( ) had to go home to study for tomorrow's paper... so i went to ta-pau McDs lo...

paid... took the stuff... went to see the shoes Joy eyed on... and went home...

could you see where this is heading to?

it's alright... cause i NEVER saw it coming!!!
(btw... this was the moment when it crossed my mind that i didnt have any pics to blog about 4pm)

all excited about my dinner... (cause i wanted to eat me Spicy Chicken McDeluxe HOT)

i opened the bag, saw the fries...

Dot *THINKS*: @@!@$#$#$#^#%@%#^%@@^@#@%&
took out the receipt to call McDs Sunway, but those jokers didnt pick up!!!

I REALLY couldnt believe i paid the RM 11.65 only to bring home a bottle of mineral water and some yucky fries!!!

my mom and grandma couldnt stop laughing...
good thing my dad and bro arent around!! (but chances are i'll tell my bro anyways.. it's different when i tell him personally than if he reads it here.. cause if i told him, he could laugh right at my face... but if he read it, he'll have to look for me 1st to laugh at my face.. so HOPEFULLY by then he'll forget :P)

note to self: CHECK all bags to make sure the stuff bought are in it!!! ROAR!!!

He's Herr-Mann

i just had to do it!!!
this was wat i was thinkin about last nite when i was reading up for my Leadership paper today :P

The Whole Brain Theory says that our brains are "separated" into 4 quadrants: A,B,C and D
each quadrant represents a different thinking mode:-
A: Analytical thinking
B: Sequential thinking
C: Interpersonal thinking
D: Imaginative thinking

and this Theory is founded by none other than William Hermann (get it? Hermann... Her Man! *teehee*)

maybe someday i should name my son Mye-Mann! to give him the perfect name.. i'll marry a guy with the surname "So" the full name of my son will be...

Mye-Mann So Han Sum
*holds in siok-sendiri-ed laugther :P*

hehe! on a not-so-wu-liao-ed note...
my midterms ENDED!!! WOOHOO!!! i so felt like singin out loud (like how they do in broadways) when i was walking out of my college... but then i realise the sky was pretty dark.. so didnt dare risk it la :P

i have 24 hours to celebrate my temporarily found freedom (ROAR! assignments are due in 10 days time... ROAR!!!)
cant wait for 4pm! :D
will blog about it later! :D