Monday, September 21, 2009


while uploading the pics.. i realized one thing... I DIDNT HAVE A PIC WITH THE TWO OF YOU!!! *drops head in dismay*

these 2 priceless antiques were flown.. but doesnt sound nice rite? so yea.. "shipped" to UK on the 5th of Sept (making them miss my bday! PFFT!)

anyways, here are the pics i took on that day =)
Carol with Puyuh n Car

it's amazing how some1 that small could carry such big bags, not to mention HEAVY! heh!

Puyuh and her family =)
Emo moments! but the uncle (puyuh's father) still managed to look into the cam le! way to go uncle! hehe!

Dear Carrere and Pui Yee,
ALL THE BEST in all ur undertakings over there!
take care and God bless ya!
my prayers will always be with you! =)
and pls dont cause any buildings to crumble :P

oh ya! and you all MUST come back and take picture with me!! I DONT CARE!!! hehe! MUAX!

Car and Puyuh's farewell Lunch

2 of my antiques were "shipped" abroad 3 weeks ago =(

so we had a farewell lunch for them in Sakae Sushi, Pavilion
(why so far? cause Liie was working near there :D)

Puyuh, one of the "shipped" antiques

Car, the other 1 =)
(she was tearing when this was taken.. hence! :P)

the other antiques are as follows =)

Carol and Em got "shipped" back from India and UK respectively :P

and that's ME! :P

hehe! Foo! i tried the mango thingy that u said is nice..
the verdict??

Liie on THIS side of the table

Liie on THAT side of the table :P

and u mite wonder...
y is Liie populating all the pics?
well.. even i dont know the answer! HAHA! it's cause she hardly gets to join us for outings cause she's working now.. (BIG GAL D!! hehe!)
so she really wanted to have pics with Em and Carol lo :D

Group pic!
kecanggihan k! when my E E gave me the camera, it came with a mini tripod! how cute is that?! so i set my cam at the table beside us and VOILA! hehe!

pics were not editted cause.. I MALAS LA! hehe! (so much to blog about, so little time! :P)

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Wished...

... and i received
can u guess can u guess what's this?? hehe!
my cellies must have known better that a pair of RayBan's just too much for me to handle.. cause my heart will break if i broke a pair of RayBans.. so they've decided to get me the Fossil shades i tried on and some other goodies, which would be bought with...

these Vouchers!! :D (now i've just gotta use them wisely :D)

well.. those things were sorta expected la.. cause Jo and Leez were the ones that asked me to update my wishlist..


this wasnt expected!! :D
Sandra told me the title was inspired by my blog!! :D how sweet is that?! :D :D
as i've told them, i cried when i read the messages they wrote for me, now this board is pasted on my wall (covering my Jerry Yen poster! :D)

On the other hand...
my sweeties... sighs...
all of them came for the party... and all they got me was

well.. if u cant read.. it says Charles & Keith la...
ya.. they got me a branded those what-ever-bags-u-call-them-that-are-also-sold-in-ikea...

i wished for Charles & Keith Voucher(s) and A Black Bag...
and my Sweeties got me

i'm absolutely LOVIN this bag, cause it's SEXAY!!!

i didnt give much specifics to the bag i wanted, cause i wasnt even sure if i wanted a bag... but now that i have it... YES! I LOVE THE BAG! :D

thanks Yue and Sab for taking the time to hunt for this for me!!! :D
and of course to my other sweeties, thanks for being willing to pay for this! :D

my other dearies from church gave me an uber cute card

Count the Dots! :D

They actually got 20 ppl to write messages for me and the 21st message was a prayer!!! *loves*
*messages inside are only for private viewing, hence no pictures were taken*
hah! no la! i took a pic of the card too! but i realized the writings were too small.. so no point putting it up here..
so this cute part of the picture will suffice :D

hehe! another thing i wished for...

:D what i didnt expect was... it came from 2 guys! haha!
i find it cute having guys buying make up for girls :D
Dear Nelson and Jeff, Thanks!!! :D

well... there were also things that i didnt wish for...

But i Equally Love!!! cause they smell so DELICIOUS!!!!
now i must break my tak-sampai-hati mentality and use it so i'll smell yummy too! Rawr! :P

Darling gave me a book that looks so fun to read! haha!
but thanks to my QUIZ! -.- i havent started reading it yet :( will read it during the raya break! :D

Isnt this pretty?? Instead of using a ribbon, Caleb and May hung this over the paper bag they gave me which contained 2 tops (i no know how to take macro shots of shirts.. teehee!) This is actually a long necklace, Love it! :D

Oh cousin Veronica couldnt make it for my party, so she came during the week to pass me a lil gift
it's so LOVELY!!! (this was my 1st thot)
my 2nd thot? "but i dont have a necklace to go with it..."

so i secretly wished at the back of my head... "i want a fine and simple necklace"

Then Amanda came with this! :D
i could keep the pendant and earrings for special occasions... but the necklace's just perfect! :D
Thanks Manda! :D

hehe! my antiques were the cutest! Being antiques... they actually gave me ANGPAUs!!! haha!
really, i would have wished for ca$h cause it's the most practical! but i didnt cause it seemed weird to ask for money! haha! (i still had a lil shame :P)
so thanks dears!! :D

Presents aside, Last nite was REALLY special for me and i cant Thank YOU enuf for being a part of it! :D


who said wishing aloud would break the magic of wishes? :P