Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Project Teach-Dot-How-to-Drive

In order to make me drive, my very supportive cellies began a project...
Project Teach-Dot-How-to-Drive

before the project began, we decided to take a pic of ourselves... cause it could have been our last picture.. (dramatically speaking :P)

looking for the seat adjuster

while i was fussing about the mirrors...

these 2 were fighting for the ONLY seat belt (or so they claimed) that was working at the back seat...

Daryll: Dot... u must step on the...

Dot: Daryll... my driving skills are eff-eye-en-ee ok!


and i'm really thankful to have all of you help me out!
especially to Daryll that offered his car as a sacrifice! hehe!
(altho Daryll forced me to drive home which i THANKFULLY SUCCEEDED in!!)

heh! if u're wondering..
NO! i'm still not ready for the main roads or any busy road for that matter :P

At the Bar

My antiques and i were out last nite for some dessert and we talked on the topic of fending off guys that do not interest you...

this is what urs truly came up with :D

the scenario: At the bar, a guy (not of your interest) comes and offers to buy u a drink

Guy: hey (in a very cheesy/horny tone) Can i buy u a drink?
Gal: (innocently) hmm.. can u buy me food instead? it's been a long day and i've not eaten a single thing!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


last week i had cravings for pancakes... but the only economical pancakes available were sold in McDs and only during breakfast hours.. but nobody i know nor i would want to get up so early just to satisfy my as-if-i'm-pregnant cravings...

cooking it myself would be an option (if only i had the mix at home... no.. mixing it myself... lets not get there shall we? :P)
but then again... *recalls the image of the pancakes i made the last time*
sighs... my brother can testify to it... they looked more like scrambled eggs than pancakes... sighs...

BUT!!! this time around...
mom's very lovable friend.. i have no idea who she is.. but she's still lovable because she gave my mom a non-stick pan!!!
so i asked mom to get a box of pancake mix from Giant...

*cuts long story short*

aint it a beauty?
seriously... this is the FIRST time i made such nice golden pancakes! :D
*smiles in pride* :P
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

By Popular Demand

teehee! my dear fren was complaining that i've been slacking on my updates... well.. that's cause most of the time i've been updating the M2L blog as mentioned in some posts back..

but i doubt all my lovely readers like my dear fren *cough* CAROL *cough* would visit that blog... so i've decided to entertain u all with the bloopers that happened during the FILMING (cheh.. :P) of our live broadcast attempts :P

am currently working on another music video DOT STYLE! :P
i hope i get inspirations soon!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

it doesnt get any fresher than this :P

DSC06921, originally uploaded by BlushyDot.

Happy Shots

As some of you would have known, i went for a visit to Hosp Bahagia on Thurs. Initially i thot i would get to see the patients and observe them for a bit... that would have been cool... but this visit was way off from wat i expected...

we visited the dragon fruit farm in the hosp's vicinity instead...

well... when when the Happy Hosp throws u dragon fruits... u take HAPPY SHOTS!

what's up Doc?
this is Julia, one of the UTAR interns i worked with for the past month =)

me first time seeing such a white bunga raya, aint it pretty? :D

now where did the smurfs go? :P

more mushrooms!

aint it cute? :D

after melting under the sun, we were brought to some place that served COCONUT WATER!!! woot!

while drinking i spotted this^

the chess pieces were carved from cengal wood

after touring the hosp (in the bus) we went pomelo shopping. Then, we went to KAMI center, a center that provides family support for the caregivers of the mentally ill.

they had this uber cool activity

called the drum circle

we participated in it and this was what i played :D

after buying the "Yim Gok Kai" (salted/salty chicken) we headed HOME! =)

the agenda wasnt wat i expected alrite, but i had great fun with the people i went with! =)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Prawn Fishing!!!

After the M2L Concert last last Friday, we decided to have a cell outing to bond with the friends we all brought for the Concert... so what could be fun and interesting?

makan? been there...
sports? done that...

so this time... we went PRAWN FISHING!!! :D

it's one of the shops located in Ara Damansara... Tjin found out about that place...
so we convoyed.. 5 cars babeh!!! (yes Jo, Jay and Em! our cell's GROWING!!! Hallelujah!!!)

i was all excited on our journey there until i saw THIS!

the guy's preparing the bait for us.. i mean for the prawns..
and the bait happened to be RAW LIVER! *gags*
i'm glad it was fresh... or at least that was what my brain told me.. cause i didnt smell any rotten scent THANKFULLY!

the guy helped us put the bait on.. but this was the 1st and only time he did it..

we had to do the following times :S
(suddenly I'm thankful the prawns didnt bite my bait :P)

then the rod was adjusted so that red thingy was just touching the surface of the water... (of course by now, the bait was already IN the water :P)

so while waiting.. what was there to do?

besides cam-whoring!!! :D
Leeza and I shared a rod =)

Nick (back) and Hong Jun (front)

they were the champions that gave us the 1st prawn!!! :D

Viv and Julian shared a rod too.. Enoch was just goin around mingling :P

Jack, Ashley and Rachel shared a rod =)

the other pairs includes
Sandra and Rachael
Jimmy and Melody
Caleb and May
Jo Lynn and Yi Theng
Brian and Eu-Tjin
Yee Wei and Max

there're no pics of them cause Sonee was running low on power.. sighs :P

but Sonee managed to recover for a lil while longer for these pics to be possible!

Brian the PRAWN-e-rine

Max the MatchMaker

the guy again! starting the bbq pit :D

Spot the Difference

24 ppl went... we took 11 rods...
and caught 8 prawns!!! haha!
pathetic? MUCH!

but i could safely say that we all had fun!
anyone that heard our cheers when we caught a prawn would have laughed...
well, at least we brought laughter to the neighborhood :P

ALSO! God was GOOD!!! He brought nice customers that day...
those ppl that laughed... they actually gave us some of the prawns they caught! (they still had LOTS after sparing us some *blushes* :P)

in the end... we had enough prawns for EVERYBODY! hehe! God is so GOOD! :D
and of course... there's always the MAMAK shops when we're not well fed :P